A Thank You Note From Kana Labs

Dear Backers, Partners and Patrons,

In a market full of choices, we thank you for choosing us. We value your trust and confidence in us and sincerely appreciate you. To our patrons, we hope you had a good experience using our platform and continue to grow together with us as we move forward in our journey. We also wish to thank our backers for trusting and investing in us and our partners who chose to integrate with our platform as we make headway into our journey as a chain-agnostic multi-chain DeFi super app.

This year (2022)was very important and memorable for our team. Since we launched the alpha version of our app earlier this year, we have had a tremendous response from your end and seen significant growth in our product and services as well. Your engagement and contribution to doing business with us helped us learn and develop a great deal.

Here are some of the key goals and milestone achievements that Kana Labs has experienced this year so far -

  • Became a true multi-chain DeFi platform with chain agnostic approach
  • Launched our own Proprietary liquidity aggregation service covering a wide range of dApps and DEX from the Solana ecosystem to facilitate smooth DeFi transactions for our clients. Some of our notable partners from the Solana ecosystem include — Orca. Lifinity, Solend, Apricot, Port Finance
  • Kana Labs became a pioneer in DeFI liquidity aggregation as we were the first to provide aggregation for both swaps and lend and borrow transactions under a single UI
  • Onboarded the Aptos ecosystem in our product suite, and launched the Aptos wallet in our mobile platform
  • Launched the alpha version of our DeFi web app platform featuring liquidity aggregated swap operations with a smart routing algorithm and support for third-party wallets
  • Integrated with various third-party wallets, DEX and dApps from the Aptos ecosystem such as Pontem, Fewcha, Martian, Petra, Rise, Bitkeep, Houston Swap, Aptospad, Cetus, Aux, Aptoswap
  • Added support for making Swaps in the Aptos ecosystem from our web app platform alongside the launch of our proprietary aggregation engine for the same
  • Launched the market’s first non-EVM cross-chain swap between Aptos and Solana
  • Launched the first version of our Staking aggregation service that allows users to stake their tokens across a wide range of staking platforms from supported blockchain networks under a single UI

As a new year approaches moving forward, our team has their hands full with plans in store for several key product upgrades. We expect the year ahead (2023) to be as eventful and fruitful as 2022. On this note, we wish to share with you some of the key updates you could look out for -

  • Add support for more blockchain ecosystems such as Sui, Shardeum, Polygon and more to our product suite
  • Integrating with various cross-chain bridges such as LayerZero, Axelar and Celer network and creating an inter-connected and inter-operable cross-chain ecosystem across all networks supported in our product suite
  • This cross-chain ecosystem will be enhanced further by building our own proprietary cross-chain bridge aggregator with a smart routing algorithm such that each transaction performed by the user takes the best routes with cheap costs and an ultra-fast transaction time frame
  • Launch of the second version of our Staking aggregator featuring cross-chain capabilities
  • Launch of Lend and Borrow with aggregation and cross-chain transaction feature in our web app platform on all supported blockchain networks
  • Mint Kana Labs token by Q1 2023
  • Launch of Referral Program
  • Launch of Kana Labs multi-chain wallet browser extension

Once again, we thank you for your support, engagement and interaction with us. We look forward to continuing to work with you. Wishing you guys a happy holiday season.

Have Fun! Merry Xmas!! Happy New Year!!!



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