Exploring the Distinctions Between Sui Move and Core Move Programming Models

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In the world of blockchain and smart contracts, programming languages play a crucial role in defining how developers interact with the underlying technology. One such language is Move, which has found its way into various blockchain platforms. This article delves into the distinctions between Sui Move and Core Move, highlighting the unique features and improvements that Sui Move brings to the table.

Introduction to Sui Move and Core Move

Move, initially developed during the Libra project’s early days in 2018, aimed to address the limitations of existing smart contract languages. The primary focus was on enhancing asset representation and access control. Core Move, which was adopted by the Diem blockchain and subsequent platforms, was designed to work within the permissioned environment of Diem.

Sui Move takes the Move language to the next level by reimagining its integration into the Sui blockchain. Sui Move’s development was driven by a critical analysis of Core Move’s design decisions and an exploration of how it could leverage Sui’s unique features to improve the programming experience.

Object-Centric Global Storage

One significant distinction between Sui Move and Core Move is their approach to global storage. In Core Move, global storage operations are fundamental, enabling interactions with the blockchain’s data storage. However, this model has limitations, particularly in storage-heavy scenarios like marketplaces and social apps.

Sui Move, on the other hand, eschews global storage operations. It leverages its own object-centric global storage, where modules and objects are stored within the Sui blockchain itself. This not only simplifies storage management but also addresses scalability issues associated with on-chain storage in Core Move.

Object IDs and Addresses

In Core Move, addresses are crucial for interacting with global storage. Sui Move takes a different route. Since it doesn’t rely on Core Move’s global storage mechanism, the concept of addresses changes. In Sui Move, addresses represent Object IDs. These globally unique IDs are used to identify and reference objects within the Sui blockchain’s storage.

Module Initializers and Entry Points

Sui Move introduces module initializers, known as “init” functions. These functions are executed when a module is published in the Sui blockchain, allowing for pre-initialization of module-specific data. This feature enhances the control and predictability of module behaviour.

Additionally, Sui Move’s entry points stand out. They accept object references as inputs, enabling direct interactions with Sui Move’s objects. This offers developers greater flexibility and clarity when crafting their smart contracts.

Bundling Heterogeneous Assets

A significant challenge in blockchain programming is dealing with heterogeneous assets. Sui Move tackles this problem elegantly with its object ownership feature. Objects can be owned by other objects, allowing for complex relationships. This feature is particularly useful for scenarios involving asset bundling, where different types of assets need to be combined or linked together.

Promoting Safety and Efficiency

Sui Move’s innovations are designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of smart contract development. By rethinking the integration of Move into the Sui blockchain, developers can enjoy a more streamlined and expressive programming experience. The elimination of certain complexities, such as the need for opt-in mechanisms in Core Move, empowers developers to focus on creating meaningful applications rather than navigating intricate language nuances.


Sui Move represents a significant step forward in blockchain programming by building upon the foundations of the Move language and integrating it seamlessly into the Sui blockchain. With its object-centric storage, improved address system, module initializers, and enhanced entry points, Sui Move offers a more intuitive and efficient programming model. By addressing the limitations of Core Move and introducing innovative features, Sui Move paves the way for safer, more accessible, and more productive smart contract development.



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