Kana integration with Jupiter Aggregator

We are excited to announce that Kana and Jupiter Agg are partnering up to bring Jupiter’s performance and routing to Kana users. Kana and Jupiter will bring you the best swap on Solana with a seamless, flexible, and attractive UI

  1. Jupiter will become the preferred liquidity aggregation layer for the Kana “Swap protocol”

2. Kana will be developing along with Jupiter to make the integration of the swap mechanism simple yet powerful with Jupiter as a single liquidity endpoint on the Solana blockchain

3. Kana’s swap aggregator will be able to perform swaps using endpoint RPC like a serum, Mercurial, and genesis- go thanks to Jupiter’s swap infrastructure for Solana.

How does this integration work?

Jupiter will act as an Endpoint for the users of Kana “swap” as well as for the AMM, order books, and professional market makers across the network.

Under the hood, it also works with cross-chain projects such as Atlas wormhole and bridge to facilitate cross-chain settlement between Solana and other blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Terra, AVAX, and polygon

The main purpose of Jupiter is to map an on-chain settlement on Solana using map routes. Jupiter calculates possible routes. Jupiter fetches the quotes for each of those routes and returns the number of tokens you will receive per route. Jupiter ranks each route by the most tokens you will receive. Users can select any route, but the first route offers the most tokens.

Through the multi- hop’s routs between various AMM, order books, and professional market makers, Jupiter will provide Kana users of Swap to get the best prices for their token exchanges.

RPC endpoint or validators for Jupiter and Kana — Serum, Mercurial, and genesis GO

Kana users can choose between RPC to get the best available rate per capital based on the use cases of the validators. Currently, there are three validators that power Jupiter x Kana’s “ Swap” platform

Serum- provide speed, low rates, and permissionless transactions on Solana

Mercurial- provides liquidity infrastructure to maximize the yield of stable assets on Solana to facilitate demand across synthetic assets creation, swapping, and lending.

Genesis Go- with RPC infrastructure to maintain validator nods

Overall, We welcome Defi and Dex users to get swapping their tokens with this powerful integration built into one place. Kana Dapp integrator will aim to provide its users with the best protocols for Swapping Solana ecosystem has to provide and best routes and prices on token swaps with minimal and a fair fee.

With the increase in the number of Defi and DEx tokens and their varying use cases. The price of these tokens changes from time to time. Having the right set of protocols for your swap applications is crucial if you’re looking to trade your tokens across various DEXs. With this integration between Kana x Jupiter, we hope to simplify the Marketplace for tokens originating from various blockchains and their emerging token economies.

About Kana

Kana is a platform for quick swaps of crypto assets and liquidity running on the distinct blockchain network. It is built to be fast, and secure and provide lower gas fees compared to other cross-chain liquidity networks.

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