Kana Launches First Official Neon EVM Wallet

Neon, as it defines itself, is an Ethereum Virtual Machine with the scalability and liquidity of Solana. It was towards the middle of 2021 that Kana got in touch with Neon and we hit it off instantly and the rest, as they say, could be history.

It was during our round of discussions that we realised the massive opportunity that the Neon ecosystem presented to developers and users as well. We also realised that what the Neon team was doing was not something very simple. Neon is one of the largest and most complicated projects that is being built on Solana and it has the capacity to bring together the best of both Solana and Ethereum. While most of the media is going to town on how Solana and Ethereum and its supporters were having a go at each other, here was a project that was trying to bring together the best of both worlds.

Cut to the chase and we then decided that the UX as far as users moving between Solana and Neon was highly tedious. While some devs felt that, as an EVM, there was already a wide choice of wallets available for users with Metamask and others. But many of the proposed users of Neon would come from Solana but then they would have to have 2 different wallets to make sure that the enjoy the benefit of both ecosystems. They would need to have metamask on the one hand (with some minor config tweaks) and then they would have to use phantom or any other Solana wallet to send and receive tokens between the 2 networks.

This is likely to be a big challenge for the users in terms of UX and this could put off a lot of users from attempting to use Neon. Kana wanted to change this and wanted to build a seamless experience of the user by abstracting away all these complexities and making it simple for the user to slide between the two networks in a simple and easy manner and with that was born the idea of the Kana Neon wallet.

What is Kana Neon Wallet?

Kana would be a platform which would have both Solana and Neon wallets built into it. Users would be able to switch between the 2 wallets at the click of a button and they would be able to see their tokens and holding in each of these networks separately. Using Neonpass, a protocol built by Neon themselves, users would be able to send tokens from Solana to Neon and vice versa and would be able to view each of these holdings, all from within the Kana platform. Just imagine the incredible opportunities that this throws up.

Users can have their tokens on their Solana wallet in Kana and at any point of time, by clicking a few buttons, they can move their tokens to Neon and they can do the reverse as well and would be able to see their holdings at anytime. That throws open access to both Solana and Ethereum/Neon dapps for the users in either network which could lead to the onboarding of 1000s of new users to these networks.

Is Kana just a wallet?

But with many new crypto users expected to be onboarded into this space in the coming months, the challenge was to make the user-experience smooth as well as delightful. The onboarding experience needed to be short and simple so that even the new users would be able to understand it. Right now, onboarding into a blockchain network and interacting with any appplication involves more than 10 steps, some simple and some complicated and this complexity confuses and confounds any new user. So we needed to make it simpler.

Also, the wallet is the center piece of any blockchain network. Without the wallet, no user would be able to perform any transaction or interact with anything on the network. So, when every user has to have a wallet to store his tokens and interact with the blockchain, why does the wallet have to just stop being just a wallet? Why cant it become bigger?

Enter Kana. We will not be just a Solana wallet or a Neon wallet. We will be bigger, better but at the same time, abstract away all the complexities so that the user onboarding and UX is simple and smooth. We will integrate into some of the major DeFi applications on Solana and Neon right from within our platform with the wallets being the centerpiece. This way, the user would be able to interact with all the main dapps on either of these networks right from within the app, making it easier, simpler and a wholesome experience for the user in the long run.

If Solana/Neon or any blockchain network seeks to onboard the next billion users, it has to have applications that are extremely user-friendly with all the complexities being hidden away from the end user. This is the motto of the Kana platform and all our features would always be added with the end-user in mind with the vision of making a valuable contribution to the aim of onboarding the next billion new users into the blockchain world. Stay Tuned !



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