What is KANA?

The vision of KANA is to provide a seamless and UX-focussed mobile platform for Solana and Neon users to navigate through the respective blockchain networks with all glass-chewing done by the devs hidden away inside the powerful platform. KANA seeks to address 2 main aspects which it believes would help the users and the developers immensely. The first of these is the the neon wallet.

Neon is an EVM on Solana which is written as a Solana smart contract and sits on top of Solana as a network. Building an EVM is not a simple and easy task and to do that as a smart contract makes it an even bigger challenge. The idea behind the KANA platform is that it would have a mobile-first approach so that all the services built into it would be available anywhere and anytime to the user.

With most of the internet and crypto users preferring to do their activities on mobile, it makes sense to build the platform where the users are. So now that we have concluded that KANA is a mobile platform, would it be just a wallet, and would it just be about Neon? Far from it.

Kanaswap mobile wallet

First, the platform would have a wallet for both Solana and Neon. The reason for building this as a multi-chain is to ensure that the users of the wallet would be able to freely move across both the networks. Solana users would be able to easily convert their tokens into Neon and those tokens would instantly appear in their Neon wallet. This is made possible using the proprietary bridge technology built by the Neon team which is called Neonpass. So, users on Solana can swap their tokens to tokens on Neon and vice versa and all this would be done within the single platform. There would not be any need for the users to have multiple platforms, one on the Solana chain and another on the Ethereum chain to be able to swap or hold Solana/Neon tokens. All of this would be available within KANA and it would be available in a seamless, intuitive manner with all the complexities being handled internally within KANA.

The other major feature of KANA is that it would not just be a wallet. It would be an aggregator of dApps on both Solana as well as Neon. This means that the platform would be directly integrated into major dApps on both networks (like Jupiter, Marinade, Solend etc on Solana) so that the users would be able to interact with both the networks from within the platform with the same UX across multiple dApps. The wallet would be central to all the applications and so it makes sense to have the platform contain both the wallet and also integrate into the various applications on both the networks. We will delve deeper into this in our next article.




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Friendly super-app for DeFi

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